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Monday, 14 November 2011

10 Secrets You Didn't Know About The Truth About Abs Program

OK so let's get started and look at the Truth About Abs program itself.

The Truth About Abs program comes as an e-book, and not a physical product. This means you simply download it to your computer to read or print out, allowing you to access the product instantly. This was great for me as I could get started straight away whilst at my most motivated, without any tedious wait for the post to arrive.

The author is certified nutrition specialist and certified personal trainer Mike Geary, who has also authored other books including 'The Fat Burning Kitchen'. He also contributes to Muscle & Fitness, and Oxygen magazines, holds a science degree, and  is considered one of the more accomplished online fitness authors. These solid credentials were something I considered important. As you are no doubt aware, there are many so called 'experts' on the Internet, but knowing Mike's background gave me that bit extra confidence before I committed to buy.

The Truth About Abs itself, has been sold to over 263,000 people in over 154 countries. Mike also runs an online fitness newsletter with in excess of 710,000 subscribers. Now I don't know if you are anything like me, but I like numbers, and I like word of mouth. When a product is good enough to have reached this size of audience, and have that many subscribers to its newsletter,  it tells me there is something good here.

If like I did, you currently fear that Truth About Abs program may not be for you because lets say you feel too old to exercise, or maybe you feel you don't want to change your body too dramatically. Then let me alleviate those fears now. In the very first page you are told that this program is a one size fits all. That is, it doesn't matter if you are male or female, old or young, that the concepts you are taught work for everyone. I know one of my concerns, being female, was that I didn't want to develop big muscles, just muscle definition and simple toning. However the ebook guides you on adjusting exercises to the level appropriate to you. This has worked for me as I now have nicely defined abs, upper arms and legs not the dreaded muscle bulk.

Another issue that is dealt with early on in the ebook is the need for exercise equipment. Let me tell you now, all I had at the start  was a stability ball and a set of dumbbell's and I got through the exercises fine. I was initially worried that I would have to go out and spend a fortune, but this is absolutely not necessary. The author, Mike Geary, has even included a full body work out routine within the ebook that requires no equipment whatsoever.Yes of course, having  access to a wide range of gym equipment, or access to a gym is handy, but definitely not necessary.

Whilst on the subject of the gym, what was great for me also was that these exercises are adapted for  use in the home. If I'd have had to go to a gym then I would never have succeeded for two reasons. The first was that being the size I was, I would not have had the confidence to step foot inside a gym. Could there be a more intimidating place? And secondly the cost would have been too prohibitive. I simply could not have afforded a gym membership. 

What I particularly liked about the Truth About Abs program is that it is divided into two parts. The first addresses workouts and the second goes into detail about diet. This makes the truth about abs program easy to follow, and clear to understand. Both the exercise routines and the diet must be followed in conjunction with one another, as the whole aim of the program is to reduce body fat sufficiently so that your abs become clearly visible. Don't let the title of this ebook mislead you however, the program is focused on overall body fat loss, not just the abs. Its just that its tailored to lower your body fat sufficiently so that your abs become more pronounced.

The diet section is given a lot of focus which I felt was really useful, as I think this area can often cause people the most confusion. You are given diet plans that you can adapt and follow to suit your requirements. The foods listed within the diet plans are all accessible from your local supermarket, no fancy or far-out ingredients, and nothing requires too much cooking or preparation. Handy if like me, you can't cook, or if you are time poor.

Mike Geary is realistic about your lifestyle. He admits he is human, and likes to enjoy himself at the weekend and have a drink like everyone else. He suggests drinking alcohol is fine, but to get those ripped abs, quantities need to be moderated. I liked this. I liked that he does not dictate any restrictions. You now how it is, the minute you are told you can't have something you immediately want it.

If like me, and about everyone else on the planet you are time poor, and worried about fitting the exercises in to your normal daily routine, then don't worry. The abs exercises are no more than 10 minutes long, and only have to be be performed 2 to 3 times a week.

Another advantage with the short exercise routines is that I find they don't become a chore. The exercise routines are also given levels, starting at level 1, progressing to level 8, which its a great motivator when you find your current level no longer challenges you and your going onto the next level 

Another strength I feel the ebook has, and which I particularly liked, is that there is little boring cardio with the Truth About Abs program. Cardio is limited to the bare minimum.

As well as ab exercises, the program includes complete full body work out routines. These go from beginner to intermediate to advanced, so you can just choose one suitable to your level and progress from there.

You are allowed, no in fact you are actively encouraged, to overeat one day a week. This really helped me, especially if I was feeling a bit low. I would make my binge day a Saturday. It was a great pick me up, and actually helped me lose more weight. Can you believe that?

The program also actively encourages you to eat several meals a day, so I rarely ever felt like I was starving myself like I have on other diets. I have tried diets in the past were I have been left dizzy from hunger, and felt like I could barely put one foot in front of the other, I was so weak. I never experienced any of this whilst following this program

 Well I hope this has given you a bit more of an insight into the Truth About Abs program, and helps you make a more informed decision about whether the program is right for you.

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