Truth About Abs

Friday, 9 November 2012

They Laughed When I Said I'd Lose Weight- But When I Got Ripped Abs They Begged Me For My Secret!

So your thinking about buying Truth About Abs?

Well read this blog for the most truthful, honest, and practical Truth About Abs review you will see on the Internet. How can I guarantee this? Because I have personally used this product myself and got the most amazing results. I tell you this now from the outset, I hate sit-ups, running, cycling and even team sports.  In fact, truthfully, exercise is just not my thing. But, having followed the programs within this amazing ebook, combined with its diet suggestions, I now look slim, fit and toned. Really I am without question, a totally different person.

Confident, energetic and healthy.....everything I always dreamed of being.

I now want to help others that were in the same situation I was less than only a couple of months ago. I believe in the power of pay back. Therefore I am going to give you  the most honest Truth About Abs review that I can. I will reveal the great, the good, and well, honestly, the things I felt that could be improved upon. So for this totally honest, no holes barred, no BS review, on The Truth About Abs simply read on.

Before getting into The Truth About Abs review, let me tell you about my journey. My name is Jodie Morrison, and I have spent most of my adult life being overweight. Now I am not talking couldn't get off the sofa and walk kind of overweight, I mean the sort of overweight were all your friends have 'other halfs' but you cannot seem to find anyone interested enough in to spend more than evening with you. I mean the sort of overweight were you know people are talking about you behind your back. I mean the sort of overweight were people gauge themselves against you, happily, as they know they are not as big as you. I mean the sort of overweight were you feel the worst type of pain someone can feel in their whole life.

I was big, not obese, just big. But far too big.

If you are here I guess you are feeling the same way I felt....sad....lonely....and yes..... if you are honest with yourself..... frightened. I was totally consumed with fear for my health.

But let me tell you this, take comfort in the fact that you are here now, and that means you are looking to change the current you.

So congratulations, as by getting this far, you  have now made a decision for there to be a new you and let me tell you.....that was no easy first step, yet that's half the battle won.

Look I am just an average person, average height, average looks, with quite frankly, bad genetics and no will power whatsoever, but I got positive results out of this and so will you.   If I can make it happen, anyone can. But let me make it clear now, this is no easy journey, and you have to follow the advice, do the workouts and follow the diet plan..... without cheating. There is simply no other way if you want to become the person you know you can be.

One of the worst issues I had with being overweight is finding nice clothes. You know like the ones my friends all wear, and look great in on a night out. Don't you agree guys, clothes for fat people SUCK. Big Time. But this is not an issue for me anymore. I now buy from all the fashionable stores, and there is no problem with sizing, no embarrassment in changing rooms, and no more looking drab, and unfashionable. I am so over being a wallflower and hey, why should you be the one that makes your friends feel good about themselves?

Are you lost? Are you desperate? Do you feel like there is nothing you can do? Are these the reasons why you are looking into The Truth About Abs?


I worried constantly about my weight and I was just too proud to admit that
a) that I had a problem and
b) that I really was overweight.

Self-denial was the worst pain I could have inflicted on myself, but I thought if I admitted the truth, and asked for help I would look weak and feel ugly inside.

I needed to be honest with myself. And there were tears.....more tears than I care to admit when I really opened up to myself.

That's when I thought......
Right Now.
You have a choice.

You can either spend the rest of your life fooling yourself into believing everything is fine, or you can swallow your pride, accept the pain of reality and ask for help. Once you ask for help you will see that it isn’t that big of a deal. Everyone has there story and life experiences and I really believe were are in this world to help each other. Surely you do too.

The truth is weight loss is all about changing how you think about food and exercise. If you can find program that fits easily with you and that doesn't require hours exercising, and allows you to eat more food than you have had before..... then how can it possibly fail.

As I was living my life back then I came across the book the 'Truth About Abs' on the Internet. I had read books before so I guessed I’ve been investing in my education for years now…maybe I should also invest in my appearance. So I got a copy of the Truth About Abs and I was shocked. I never expected to find so much information in just one ebook. It truly changed how I felt about weight loss. It truly changed me.

So read on for my intensive, in-depth, full on Truth About Abs Review and get a new you starting right from today.